Into The Light

“Into The Light” is a tribute to an exceptional equestrian who I had the pleasure of calling friend. Never one to shrink from a challenge and quick to adapt to any situation.

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Color Me A Classy Friesan

Have you marveled at the horses of Lord of the Rings, meet the Friesian.  They have so many striking qualities it’s hard to pick a favorite. They move with the confidence that exudes power and fluidity.

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Paso Fino Dressed In Black

More than 500 years ago Columbus made a second trip to the New World. His port of landing was the Dominican Republic. As they say the rest is history.

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Midnight Raven

“Midnight Raven”  The Raven is a favorite of mine. The Tepee was in the our yard where my kids spent their early years. Under the watchful eye of the Raven.

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Focus On The Prize Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a sport that requires ultimate team work, trust and athletic ability in both the horse and rider. To focus on the prize is the challenge and every rider’s goal.

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Watercolor Painting Tutorial

In the construction of my final image ” Woodland Waterfall”, I used four processes to achieve the final painting. The original photograph is one I took at a park, yes it was just a landscaped bit of scenery in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Painted Pony

Choosing to throw caution to the wind this Painted Pony is vibrant and completely unconventional.

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A Never Ending Love

The love that never dies. It’s the lucky child who is born to love animals, theirs will be a life of wonder, kinship and lessons learned.

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Big Cats Red Lion

This is what happens when I watch the big cats on National Geographic all day. It has been a life long dream of mine to go to Africa.

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The Catch Pen

“The Catch Pen” A cowboy’s day begins once the supporting cast has been gathered from pasture to catch pen.

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Horses Can Dance

There is something magical in the combined talent of an athletic horse and a rider who is aware of that talent. It’s teamwork that makes it work.

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