Watercolor Painting Tutorial

In the construction of my final image ” Woodland Waterfall”, I used four processes to achieve the final painting. The original photograph is one I took at a park, yes it was just a landscaped bit of scenery in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Painted Pony

Choosing to throw caution to the wind this Painted Pony is vibrant and completely unconventional.

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A Never Ending Love

The love that never dies. It’s the lucky child who is born to love animals, theirs will be a life of wonder, kinship and lessons learned.

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Big Cats Red Lion

This is what happens when I watch the big cats on National Geographic all day. It has been a life long dream of mine to go to Africa.

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The Catch Pen

“The Catch Pen” A cowboy’s day begins once the supporting cast has been gathered from pasture to catch pen.

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Horses Can Dance

There is something magical in the combined talent of an athletic horse and a rider who is aware of that talent. It’s teamwork that makes it work.

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Vintage Water Color

Vintage Digital Paintings by Connie Kelts. It’s not hard to tell horses and dogs are a favorite of mine, my subject matter tends to lean toward the equestrian and the dog lover.

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Owls Are Majestic Creatures

This recent project is a vintage watercolor depiction of the owl, the king of birds. The subject of many tales, prophecies, the owl means many things to many people.

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Blue Eyed Paint

Of all the horse I have had, I never owned a paint horse. Oh my kids have had the painted pony but I always wanted a drop dead gorgeous paint.

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The Foothills Of Alberta

Longview Alberta is nestled at the base of the Eastern Slope of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada. It’s a place I have fond memories of. This watercolor painting has a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

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Photoshop Restorations

The follow images are examples of restorative work done in Photoshop. These two water color images are over 50 years old and have seen the ravages of time.

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The Plains Dweller Watercolor

I long for simpler times, when there was a 360 degree view of the horizon, the stars in the night sky were unmistakable and the day was measured by the rising and setting sun.

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The Holidays

The Holidays are a wonderful time of the year. The month of December is full of hope, joy and the promise of the new year. The world is a kinder place, people are smiling and outgoing as they prepare for the season.

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