Solicitors Beware

Solicitors are a real pain. I suppose it’s because I have never lived where they could get to me before but it’s time for war.

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Animals With Attitude

Over the years I have owned, trained, and cared for animals of all shapes and sizes. It never ceases to amaze me how every one is a distinct individual with their personal quirks, attitudes and personality traits.

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Mr. Hare Top Ten Most Wanted

Mr. Hare was indicted in 2016 for his involvement in racketeering activities, conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, and conspiracy to possess eggs, and more eggs with the intent to distribute.

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Ghost Wolf Totem

The Ghost Wolf “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” Rudyard Kipling

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Pegasus was an immortal, winged horse which sprang forth from the neck of Medousa when she was beheaded by the hero Perseus.

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Holiday Projects

Mix an artistic nature with the holidays and you can’t ever seem to get all the projects done that you would like to do.

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Design Snapshot

A snapshot of some of my designs that I have been working on. Comprised of a collection of Illustrator and Photoshop projects. Visit the CKDesigns portfolio for more.

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