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In the construction of my final image ” Woodland Waterfall”, I used four processes to achieve the final painting. The original photograph is one I took at a park, yes it was just a landscaped bit of scenery in Fort Worth, Texas. I did however seen some hope for it to become something more.

Step one; was to do some Photoshop color editing on the original image and cropping.

Step two; was achieved by using a technique to make the original photograph look more like a watercolor painting. The steps of this process are explained by Blue Lightning TV in their tutorial.

Followed by using a Photoshop Action by Perfectum 2 by Profaction.

Step three; involved drawing with the wonderful landscape brushes by Aaron Blaise. “The Creature Teacher”an animator, director, illustrator and fine artist for over 30 years. This guy is awesome and I suppose since we love the same things it’s only natural that I love his work and tutorials. You’ve seen most of his movies so you will be familiar with his creatures.

So get to work, find a picture and make it someplace you would rather be.





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