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Precious Child

No matter the species the love for a precious child is stronger than life itself. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. — Rudyard Kipling This image was referenced with permission by a photo taken by Gary Odell.Contact me to request a quote for a...

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Knee High Grass

Knee high grass has been a term used to describe prosperity, good fortune and plentiful blessings for ages.

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Calving Time

Calving Time  Copyright C. Kelts 2019 Calving time comes once a year. Signaling a new beginning. Long nights with little sleep, concern for the mamas and their newborns is the order of the season. Calves in the kitchen by the fire box, bottle feeding, looking after...

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Run Into The Sun

” Run Into The Sun”, copyright C.Kelts Design. The following was painted by permission of the talented photographer Rita Galloway.

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A small example of the vector drawings I have done. For fun or profit, I find I love to take a break from Photoshop every now and then and dive into Illustrator.

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Buffalo to Charolais

From Buffalo to Charolais, a collection of watercolor and oil paintings of the animals that have shaped this country for thousands of years.

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A sample of some of the vector graphics that might be used in an educational setting. Perfect for educational computer games, work sheets for teachers or for sprucing up your eBooks.

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Lets Rope

They are always ready to rope. How many team ropers do you know? Well if you have never met an enthusiast of this sport you might not understand what it takes to be a successful competitor.

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