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Tanzania Zebra

Horses have always been a part of my life and yes I have know a few Zebras but to see them in their native habitat is on my bucket list.

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Dirt Road To Heaven

Dirt roads have a bit of magic that will take your imagination to places it has never been. Scan the horizon to capture a memory you will cherish.

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Owls Are Majestic Creatures

This recent project is a vintage watercolor depiction of the owl, the king of birds. The subject of many tales, prophecies, the owl means many things to many people.

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A Never Ending Love

The love that never dies. It’s the lucky child who is born to love animals, theirs will be a life of wonder, kinship and lessons learned.

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Fall in Kananaskis Country

“Fall In Rocky Mountains” Fall is the time of year everybody waits for. Anticipating the explosion of color that is about to usher us into winter.

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“Ready To Win”

“Ready to Win” it’s a state of mind. Horses like people have personality’s that determine the level of achievement they will reach.

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The Catch Pen

“The Catch Pen” A cowboy’s day begins once the supporting cast has been gathered from pasture to catch pen.

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Big Cats Red Lion

This is what happens when I watch the big cats on National Geographic all day. It has been a life long dream of mine to go to Africa.

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Watercolor Painting Tutorial

In the construction of my final image ” Woodland Waterfall”, I used four processes to achieve the final painting. The original photograph is one I took at a park, yes it was just a landscaped bit of scenery in Fort Worth, Texas.

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