Sure Time Of Spring

Calving season is a sure time of spring in the ranching community. Guaranteed to provide late nights, sore muscles, cranky mamma cows, vet bills, weather and a sense of pride that keeps a rancher doing the same thing all over next year.


Longhorn Momma

The longhorn can survive the most difficult conditions Mother Nature can through their way. They are dirty tough, fierce mothers, and smarter that some of the other domestic breeds of cattle. You can’t look at a herd of longhorns and not wax nostalgic about times long past and wonder what it would have been like to follow the herds from oneĀ end of this country to another.


Trail Of Tears

The Buffalo tells a story that spans thousands of years. The provider, guardian of the plains it’s shear size and numbers have inspired legends still told by Native Americans today. Millions once made their homes on the grasslands of North America but times change and their time came to an end. They will forever be a part of our history.

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