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Have you marveled at the horses of  the “Lord of the Rings”, meet the Friesian. They have so many striking qualities it’s hard to pick a favorite. They move with a confidence that exudes power and fluidity. The massive flowing mane and feathered feet accentuate their every step. They are gentle giants who command attention where ever they go. As a photographer I have to admit I am enchanted with them and never pass up an opportunity to aim and shoot. This painting is referenced from just one of those occasions.

The Friesian sport horse is a Friesian crossbred of sport horse type. The ideal Friesian sport horse is specifically bred to excel in FEI-recognized sport horse disciplines. Thus, “sport horse” refers to the phenotype, breeding, and intended use of these horses

While some consider the Friesian Sporthorse as a breed , others consider the Friesian Sporthorse as a type. Some use the term “Friesian Sport Horse” as a generic all-inclusive term to describe any Friesian crossbred.

Friesian sport horses can come in a variety of colors and sizes, with no limitations on acceptable colors or markings. Their body type can range from a sport horse build to a heavier more Baroque build. A higher-set and more arched neck is also common among Friesian sport horses. They tend to have the gentle temperament and striking appearance of the Friesian, but with an increased athleticism, stamina, and hybrid vigor, when responsibly crossbred. They are most commonly used for dressage and carriage driving, but have also been successful as jumpers and eventing horses, as well as for all-around riding. They are also valued as pleasure and trail horses.

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