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Coulee’s of Alberta’s Badlands make the landscape come alive with color. There is an enchantment to the wide open places, viewing a vista that goes on and on with colors mixing and changing before your very eye. It’s as if you are witnessing Mother Nature with a palette in her hand and the Sun is holding the brush. This is a watercolor image of the Badlands of Alberta, Canada. The Coolee’s make the landscape a tapestry of darks and lights to enchant your eye.

Coulee (or coulée) is applied rather loosely to different land forms, all of which refer to a kind of valley or drainage zone.

The word coulee comes from the Canadian French coulée, from the French word couler meaning “to flow”.

The term is often used interchangeably in the Great Plains for any number of water features, from ponds to creeks.

In southern Louisiana the word coulée (also spelled coolie) originally meant a gully or ravine usually dry or intermittent but becoming sizable during rainy weather. As stream channels were dredged or canalized, the term was increasingly applied to perennial streams, generally smaller than bayous. The term is also used for small ditches or canals in the swamp.They are furrowed moraines that channel rain runoff in the area east of the Coteau du Missouri in the western United States and western Canada at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

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