Ready To Win


Fine Art Prints

Media: Fine Art Paper Velvet
Style: 1/2″ Extra Border Added
Print Size: 16 x 24″

$ 125.00

 Officially Moab’s Somerset Enhanced Velvet. This popular paper is also distributed under the brands Epson Somerset Velvet and Canon Fine Art Enhanced Velvet. This textured paper favored by artists and photographers alike is milled by the St. Cuthberts Mill in Somerset, England. It is an acid-free, 100% cotton, single-side coated paper showing a natural white finish with a slightly textured matte surface has a soft velvet-like feel. A high-quality, mould-made paper, it is ideal for digital fine art reproductions.
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All dressed up and ready to win.

“Ready to Win” it’s  a state of mind. Horses like people have personality’s that determine the level of achievement they will reach. Those who will take you to the winners circle have the drive and focus of any professional athlete.  A successful hunter is calm, quiet and brave. Yes he likes his job and goes about his job with ears forward as if he didn’t have a care in the world. His form will be consistently correct, both on the ground and over the jumps.

Yes this is a lot to ask for in one animal. Once found this horse is priceless to the person who rides this horse into the ring, “Ready To Win”.


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