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“Unbridled Freedom” copyright Connie Kelts, oil painting with ArtRage.

Yes horses are my passion and I have been drawing them since I could hold a pencil. Over the years I have used traditional media, oil, watercolor, pen and ink as well a pencil. As time went on I turned into a computer geek of sorts and the transition to digital media was a natural progression.  As a graphic designer having the expensive software such as In Design, Illustrator and of course Photoshop was a necessity to get the job done. I paint for fun, and as luck would have it I make a little money doing what I love to do.

I have explored and experimented with several techniques to achieve the look I was looking for in a digital painting and I felt like it was always just short of what I wanted. As a professional photographer I love a great photograph and the expertise it took to obtain. However I like my art to look more traditional. I wanted to achieve the brush strokes that had the feel and look of a traditional brush loaded with paint applied to a canvas. I got close but not all way with Photo Shop.  I wanted the texture, spontaneity and blending that I was familiar with using a conventional brush.

A fellow artist introduced me to ArtRage last week. I spent a couple of days of getting familiar with the software and realized ArtRage brushes are just what I was looking for. I highly recommend it if you just want to paint. It’s very inexpensive compared to Photoshop. I will continue to use Photoshop on a regular basis for my photography and contract design jobs but when I want to kick back and let the imagination run wild ArtRage will be my go to software.

Check it out if you aren’t already using it.  Visit ArtRage and take it for a test drive.

I would like to thank Rita Galloway for permission to use her beautiful image.



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